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Dear Mun/Player

March First entry, main com adopting Mani... so cute! Mani goes invis, Sky panics. offering protection Defending the shelter perimeter with Rarity

April Meeting pinkie 2 Meeting Pippin Pinkie 2 is human again Arcee Skyfire (and Mani?) at home during the 4th wall event. 4th wall tag 4th wall with Mani 4th wall Dash Away 4th wall Randall 4th wall Haku Skyfire likes Noovesweek Sudden cake? Entry 3 broken pottery. House warming


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Didn't get time to finish these before the comms closed to outside journals, so continuing/finishing them here.
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I'm not here right now, leave a message.

((Ooc: Please note which game/meme/whatever your character is from in the subject line please.))

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Pinkie Pie [personal profile] sailorlaughter

Patchouli Knowledge [personal profile] weekwizard

Brainstorm [personal profile] toosmarttodie

Convoy/Megatron [personal profile] emperorofdeception
No real opinion on him as of yet. He seems pleasant and polite enough.

Mako [personal profile] etranger

Fluttershy [personal profile] kind_to_all
A quiet but kind pony. Perhaps just a bit jumpy and shy, but nice. He's not been around her enough yet to form a real opinion of her.

Mani [personal profile] rabbitheartedfox
He's adopted Mani as his own, and is quite protective of her. In his mind she's his youngling and anyone who tries to hurt her is going to be in for a rude awakening from this overprotective papa.

Harvey Finevoice [personal profile] millionbitpipes
A nice pony who's willing to lend a hoof and at kind with the younger crowd. Until he does something to void that trust, he's willing to let Harvey keep an eye on Mani.

Dante [personal profile] strawberryredgrave

Koushirou "Izzy" Izumi [personal profile] how_prodigious

Zetta [personal profile] badassfreakingoverlord
After seeing the way he treated Mani on her first scroll contact... Skyfire's first impression of him is that he's an aft. If he tries to go anywhere near Mani he's going to get a good smack.

Papageno [personal profile] der_vogelfanger

Pinkie Pie [personal profile] forwantofapartycannon / [personal profile] usedpartycannon

Peregrin "Pippin" Took [personal profile] tookalevelinbadass

Arcee [personal profile] robotfightclub

Maebhrin Tillinath [personal profile] swordsage

If I've missed anyone or linked the wrong journal, please note me in a comment and I'll fix it.
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The actual location of his home is shown in the red circle here.

Most recent floor plan will be at the top of this entry.

EDIT: The cave has changed quite a bit. New sketches will be a while in coming though. It now has additional rooms dug beneath the main floor. Skyfire now sleeps down there. There are two kilns outside in covered brick shelters, though one has been modified into a forge for metal working and has a small workshop attached.

Mani's belongings have been packed away and put in a storage cavern, though he keeps her stuffed bunny, Opal, in his room.

As of April 19th there is a large earthen kiln outside of the cave. Skyfire uses it to fire clay items and such.

Floor plan as of April 14 2014

Description in progress, updated often.

It's the same hill, now with a more defined inside. Skyfire has expanded the cave a bit and laid a stone floor to part of the cave and expanded the 'fireplace' to have a cooking area and a full stone chimney.

Most of the floor is still hard packed dirt, since he was focusing more on turning the area with the now stone floor into a temporary 'room' for Mani. Eventually he would add a real room for her and turn the current area into a 'living room'/kitchen.

The main entrance has been framed with wooden timbers and has a heavy piece of canvas hanging over it from the inside to cut out the draft. Currently the only light in the cave comes from the fireplace and torches... Skyfire will be working on changing that next, intending to add 'tunnels' capped with glass on the 'roof' to let in natural light.

Mani's Room contains a bed, bookcase and a desk. There is also a storage 'cupboard' for food. (Just a wooden cupboard inset into the cave wall with a wooden door on it.) Link to Mani's room inventory coming soon?

Floor plan/outside as of April 3rd 2014

It's a rough cave dug out of a hill, with a hard packed dirt floor and the start of a fireplace. It's nothing fancy, but he's only been working on it for a little over a week.

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Inventory when he arrived on the 13 of March 2014
A set of leather saddle bags that sit under his wings and can double as a strap for someone to hold on to for riding on his back.
Gems, metal and an Unknown amount of bits... Not a lot, but enough to give him a decent start. Should last him a few weeks at least.
A couple of tools to let him manipulate smaller objects. With his size he needed them to do smaller bits of work, he'll have to recreate his other tools though.

Inventory on April 14th (Does not include things he's bought for Mani, ie. Her bed, desk, toys etc. and doesn't include food items.)
On Person: Unknown amount of bits, some gems and metals, (Less than he arrived with) and his tools from home.
In Home: Stack of stones (for eventual use as flooring), stack of wood, and a pile of whatever chunks of minerals that he's dug up beyond normal rocks.
Outside: Piles of dirt and rock from digging out the inside of the hill.

Inventory on

Inventory on


Mar. 11th, 2014 08:17 pm
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Player Name: Chris
Player Journal: [personal profile] oomm_backin5
Age: Over 18... Way over 18... >.<;;
Contact: I have plurk, PM me for it.
Characters Played: None yet.

Name: Skyfire
Canon: Transformers G1 AU
Canon Point: A couple hundred years after he's woken up in his dragon shape. Long before the G1 cartoon series.
History: Before the war and before the factions of Autobot and Decpticon were even considered, Skyfire and Starscream were explorers and scientists that were charting a new planet. Much like the cartoon premise Skyfire crashed and was trapped in ice, while Starscream didn't and left to return to Cybertron.

That's where the similarities end though.

Unlike in the cartoon, Skyfire's scanners were damaged and activated, creating an attempt to blend into the new environment that caused an unexpected reaction. Unable to find any mechanical items to scan, the scanners went for the only thing even remotely close to his size and shape to scan... A dragon.

Read more... )
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Mostly Optional Personal Information
Name: Chris
Age: Way over 18
Current Character(s): Nobody yet

Character Information
Character Name
: Skyfire
Fandom: Transformers G1 AU

Appearance: He's big... but not overly giant. While he's a rather long at 30 some feet, a fair deal of that is tail. From 'nose to rear' minus the tail, he's about 19 feet. While Skyfire is about 5 times longer that a 6 foot person, he would need both 'paws' to have a secure hold on them.

Measurements for length. Head: 3 feet, Neck: 6 feet, Body from shoulder to rump: about 10 feet, Tail: 11 feet. Wingspan: about 50 feet?

World: The general specifics of the world is that it's a mix of the G1 Transformers cartoon and our Earth's history for dates and places. Granted, most of the cartoon history doesn't apply as it either takes place before the war started or in a time frame not covered by the show.

Character History:


Nov. 18th, 2013 02:53 pm
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Comments? Crit? Leave it here.
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Skyfire as a dragon AU history in progress...

Caelum ignis draconigena

The story starts out close to the original G1 cartoon history... and branches from there. Skyfire ends up with a dragon form. Sort of similar to the Beast Wars series... Though that never happens in this au, and he never meets any of those characters.

- Crashes on Earth, but his scanners activate in an attempt to keep him alive.

- He ends up scanning a dragon and changing his alt mode

- He's still buried in ice, but revives on his own since his alt mode changes his systems a bit.

- While he is still Cybertronian, his body has been altered to fit the 'biology' of a dragon better.

- Eating metal will help him repair himself and sunlight is used to help power him.

- Skyfire wakes up before the Autobots do... Several hundred years before... Somewhere around the 1500's.

- Having to adapt to the alien planet, he eventually seeks out humans and befriends some of them. They have no idea he's really mechanical and he has no idea that there are other Cybertronians that have crashed while he was under the ice .

Sky: caelum -i n. [the heavens , sky, air, climate]. Esp. [heaven] as the home of the gods; fig., [heaven] as the height of joy, renown, etc.

Fire: ignis -is m. [fire , conflagration; a watch-fire, beacon; a firebrand; lightning]; in gen. [glow, glitter]. Transf. [a firebrand (of war); glow of passion; the beloved].

Dragon: draconigena -ae c. [dragon-born].

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